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Join Us - Dont Buy Dont Comply Ask Why - UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio Marathon April 2014 sm

All around the world people now follow with great anticipation the activities in Nevada. Bundy`s ranch is in all eyes as this is clearly developping to be the beginning of the New American Revolution fighting back tyranny by the Federal Government taking more and more possesion over land that belongs to the People. The FEDs are neglecting the Constitution, they are using excessive force under false claims and arguments. AGENDA 21 is in full action enforced by mercenary like human robots heavily armed and without any mercy for human beings. We will discuss newest developments and the importance of this for the whole world.
In the first couple of hours in German Detlev will have his guest Holger alias Conrebbi, a German  filmmaker and activist who will discuss Olchocratic situations, the new fascism in the German area where corporations are taking over official bureaus and offices and try to take power over the people.
Please, tune in and support and join us in our UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon:

Secret Courts - Secret Justice smDidn`t we already know and presume that things aren`t right, aren`t the way they were supposed to be? In the first couple of hours in the German part of the Unitedwestrike Radio-Marathon, March 8, 2014 we will discuss evidence we received from a guest in the show that courts in the Federal Republic of Germany, a NGO which is simulating the German State (Germany), are keeping secret notes and files in several secret dossiers which are not revealed to the parties, at least not to the common man who is being punished. It is outrageous and must be made public that it looks like we are being fooled, treated like in a dictatorship holding secret courts like in the "Third Reich". We will also discuss current issues in an arrest of a German patriot, Werner Peters, who is being held as prisoner in the ugly prison of Stuttgart Stammheim, Stuttgart the main base of the US-Headquaters preparing to bring us to war, the 3rd worldwar! The Ukrainian crisis updates will also be part of this. In the English part of Wake News Radio with Detlev will summarize the issues.
Please, join us in our peaceful fight for freedom, justice, human rights:

Germans Still Are Prisoners Of War sm

Astonishingly enough but we are all learning nowadays that all history books, all stories told by the "Elite" and so-called leaders of the world are untrue. All major wars especially the last two World Wars had been Illuminati/Freemasons operations in order to create their New World Order set up to destroy society and human life as we know it. Also, stories told about Germans solely were responsible for those two world wars just can`t be substantiated. Many groups of patriot Germans are digging into their past and are finding incredible informations. Thus the Federal Republic of Germany is not the real Germany and is not representing the former German Reich as succesoor but rather is a Non Governmental Structure administering the interests of the few who benefitted from the last World War and who wish to keep strangling the German People in their new operation - the European Union!
Now, while digging into the mud of lies and deception by the Zionist led cabal the Germans have discovered they are still under occupation by the Allied Forces, incredible masses of troops, especially US-troops still are stationed in the country as well as British and some others. The US just brought in newest tanks to Bavaria, have nuclear weapons of mass destruction based in several German areas and are operating their wars and military operations from German soil. According to the treaties of The Hague 1899 and 1907 which were both signed by the German Reich and the United States of America prisoners of war (POW) are to be remunerated according to the rules. In 2014 - 69 years of occupation have been reached therefore Germans demand to be paid a sum of over 1 trillion Us-$ in compensation for their prisonership! In the todays show we will discuss this in detail in the German part and afterwards Detlev will share a summary of the findings in English in the European Roundtable Part!
Please, tune in! We all need to discover the truth and fight peacefully for our freedom individually and as nations



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