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Starving The Beast sm

Starving The Beast

We all can see it, we can feel it, we can witness it, it even happens to us everyday. The Beast is loose in the open. Not only in the US where you can witness the destruction of the society, the influx of illegal immigrants who are being shipped into the US mainland in order to overrun the country from within bringing poverty, illness, destruction, ruining the ressources of the Americans who have elected their own destruction in blindness themselves.
Also in Europe The Beast is loose. It is starting the war machinery, may even lead us into the 3rd worldwar which has been predicted so long ago, it now may be the time.
While heads of "Nations", rather governments are meeting behind the curtain of the Soccer World Championship in Brazil, which will have it`s final coming Sunday July 13th, 2014, the "Elites" are preparing for the final move of financial breakdown and introduction of their One World currency, basically a chip inplanted in every human being controlled by the few in order to eliminate those who will resist.
Christine Lagarde, minion of the DIMs (Dominant Insane Minority), head of the IMF did present the plans mid May 2014 in the Washington D.C. press club to the knowing audience in occult symbols and messages. Many predict the start of this evil to begin Sunday July 20th, 2014 which has lots of symbolic meaning, the son of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria was killed in Serbia, July 20th 1914, 8 days later World War I started!, July 20th 1944 Adolf Hitler survived an assasination attempt. What will happen July 20th, 2014?
We don`t klnow yet, but we all know we have to starve The Beast otherwise we all will end in absolute tyranny and self-destruction!
More will be discussed today in my parts of the show, starting at 14:00 hrs CET in German and later on in the English part with wonderful guests and other great hosts!

See you later!

Detlev of Wake News Radio/TV





Lucifers Army sm

Lucifer`s Army Is Destroying The World

Today we are facing the facts. Incredible tyranny has spread over the world and has changed it dramatically! We do live in the endtimes as one may say. We all feel something is in the air. Those of you who do believe in spiritual life will agree - we may face the grand battle of Evil vs. Good in our lifetime now! In the German speaking part of this UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon I shall welcome Michael Veritas from Austria as my guest. He has just published a book on Freemasonry well packed into a novel book with a lot of suspense called: Heredis - The Inheritance (Das Erbe) which we will talk about as well as his other full scale knowledge of symbolism, occult, Satanic rituals and more.
In the English part we shall try to give a quick overview about the topic and later on we will talk about the inevitable war mongering, the incredible terror movement ISIS in Iraq and more. So, please tune in and listen the whole day to great hosts and guests! See you soon!

Detlev of Wake News Radio/TV


Spiritual Warfare - Salvation  Gateway To Heaven - UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio Marathon new sm

In this UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon Detlev is going to shed a light on the spiritual side of the current developments in our world and in the universe. We had invited Dr. Joseph Chiappalone from Australia to give us an interview on his findings and experiences and he had given us confirmation to be in our show. Unfortunately after that we were not able to get in contact with him, so we don`t know what has happened and if he is doing alright. Nevertheless we will discuss his ideas in this marathon because we believe it is important to look outside the box in order to better understand all the confusion, all the awakening, all the planned destruction of our world which currently is being in the process through wars and environmental hazards. We humans have to get to grips with the situation otherwise we will be run over by the bus...
In the first couple of hours we will also give an overview in German to this topic with our guest Dr. Gabriele Reda. Please, tune in, support us, be vigilant and help to overcome all evil in the world and the universe. See you later!


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