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Slaughter as a "Spectator Sport" is NOT something that most of us enjoy, yet we are collectively forced to watch the ongoing global genocide provided by the "hope and change" from psychopath's currently in power.

Much gratitude to those who are standing up and speaking out about these crimes against Humanity, and the murder of Palestinians by the self proclaimed "mad dogs of war",  Israeli and Zionist extremist's, who's weapons and equipment are tragically supplied by the American taxpayer's, and used against ALL OF US!.

These atrocities are at the same time being "defended" and promoted by American politicians, who've been pimped out for profit throughout history, passing "legislation" like the Act of 1871......infamous for turning us all into corporate debt slaves along with our countries, and for the lack of knowledge of it's existence by the masses.

NOTHING should supersede preventing death and war crimes, yet still "WE the People" have great difficulty Uniting. As the crisis continue, understand how much greater our numbers are than those of the few who seek profit at OUR expense. Prepare yourselves with food, water, survival and protection gear and consider these qualities which will hopefully become self evident, as we awaken and free Ourselves from this nightmare of profit over People.

Self Ownership, Cooperation, Non-Aggression, Honorable Defense and Moral Stewardship.

Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Food, Self Sufficient Communities and LOVE are all WE need, which are ALL being destroyed for profit.

Imagine the Power of a well coordinated
GLOBAL STRIKE against anti-imperialist, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist powers!!!!

The Cochabamba Declaration: Latin America’s Anti-Imperialist Offensive

 5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News   http://youtu.be/UgGnBCDfCLM   
 And how much longer can we afford to continue to ignore Fukushima?


Here is a link to the transcript of Myron Fagon's The Illuiminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.THE ILLUMINATI AND THE

The audio clip is here. This is extremely well documented information to learn and share with everyone you know. The time be silent is past and the time for truth has arrived. Do what you can to understand just how and why our world looks like it does and why wars and conflicts are created to force the People to want Peace so badly they'll sacrifice themselves and their Children for it, without ever realizing the depth of this plot against us.

Self Ownership, Cooperation, Non-Aggression & Honorable Defense will enable US to reclaim Our True Job of Moral Stewardship immediately! Let us reclaim these attributes together, June 15th and step into some sanity.........or get more of the same chaos we enable with our silence and complicity.






UWS Marathon this Sat, June 13th!





Imagine that you have been sleeping in a type of suspended animation, yet during this time your body has been growing and functioning by default, through a system that has you running a preset routine; yet has also kept you unaware of the true reality around you.

You have been programmed to live in a surreal place, your mind controlled through propagandized repetition, your health diminished by genetically altered foods that at the same time are sterilizing you, while government sponsored experiments in trans-humanism threaten not only your existence, but that of every ecosystem on the planet. You are also distracted by wars and financial problems; as those you've been trained to obey continue to exploit the resources of the world and it's People, simultaneously  lying to you about the protection you're receiving as a direct result of their leadership.

In fact it is this same leadership that brought us here, enacting plans for total subservience; the few at the top ruling over unquestioning debt slaves at their beck and call.
And all around as your world and health are destroyed, those who claim to "protect you" continue to plunder the ecosystems, water, skies, and earth, while steadily but surely swallowing up every last vestige of true freedom available, through their endless murderous war profiteering and centralized banking schemes.

Those who exclusively proclaim they are here by "Divine Right", have implemented these plans because they refuse to recognize that WE ARE ALL HERE BY DIVINE RIGHT!!!!
And as you awaken to this realization you now understand that this "Divine Right" belongs to ALL LIVING THINGS, and that the same underlying Creative Source breathes Life into all and is abundant.
You understand that each and every one of US is a unique expression of this Divine Life Force, here for a little while, on a planet of exquisite beauty where there is more than enough for all.
You understand that only YOU can benefit the world by enabling Your gifts to creatively flow in order to be the best steward of Your part of the world as possible.
You understand that true Moral Stewardship IS OUR JOB!
The Joy of Being fulfilled as a creative contributor to LIFE, where the necessities are easily recognized: Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Food, Self Sufficient Communities and LOVE are all WE really need, and those WE give Ourselves.
Imagine as you awaken, knowing within every cell of Your body, that these principles are the tools which will enable Our World to turn around.

Self Ownership, NON Aggression, Honorable Defense.
If no harm, injury or loss occurs, no crime has been committed. Imagine knowing this so completely that no piece of paper, badges, medals or any titles can superimpose themselves over what is right.
Imagine awakening and KNOWING YOU BELONG.
Imagine now that you've awakened, creating the kind of life you want more quickly than the one promised by traitors in power.
You already know that their banking system creates abundance and poverty, both opposite sides of the same coin, however true Moral Stewardship needs only cooperation and Self Ownership.
Imagine that you begin now to share what you know with your families and friends, and they awaken also.

Imagine truly knowing that the entire history of the world has been written by and/or edited by the few in power who have profited from belief systems the state condones, and deciding to recognize the futility of working within ANY system they've created.
Imagine an underground movement of People, who agree to prepare ahead of time with food, water, shelter, emergency plans, survival and defensive gear, agreeing to stand as ONE against OUR common enemies: war profiteers, the militant industrial complex, banking heads, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, all alphabet gangs, and Immorality.
Murder and profit over People IS Immoral.

Refusing to obey immoral orders IS Moral!

Ignoring the destruction of OUR WORLD IS Immoral!!!!!
Refusing to comply with this destruction IS MORAL!!!!
Imagine aligning with millions and billions of PEOPLE who feel this way!
Imagine QUITTING the corporate system and declaring OURSELVES FREE at the same time. while refusing to work for multinational corporations, taking our assets in hand, and declaring all fraudulent debt erased.
Imagine BILLIONS refusing to work for governments by becoming leaders of themselves and cooperating locally in order to make sure that EVERYONE has food, shelter and clothing.
Imagine beginning again, at the SAME TIME, simply by focusing on Moral Stewardship and refusing to allow any more war, at the same time DEMANDING all Troops be sent home to help hold those accountable who brought us here, and get the health care they so deserve, including hemp oil and all alternatives to pharmaceuticals, which will be administered ONLY in extreme cases and then monitored excessively to prevent complications.
Imagine rebooting OUR WORLD, at the SAME TIME, in order to utilize OUR FAR GREATER NUMBERS.
Imagine wiping the slate and starting again, awake, alive, and accountable, with each and every One of US knowing and honoring Self Ownership and Non-Aggression, while immediately dealing with those who violate these principles.
The 15th is coming. WW3 is already here. Our families are being destroyed by war, drugs, lies and profit. Here is more proof to share as you awaken others.
"The Hidden Enemy: Pharmaceuticals"
WE already DO ALL the work. Why can't WE work for OURSELVES, and barter and exchange without federal reserve notes or gold or silver which is owned by the same criminals in power.????
This is WHY it is so difficult to awaken, and WHY it IS IMPERATIVE WE DO SO!
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why????!!!!!!
United We Strike podcasts are available and the archives are streaming.
Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!



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