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The most difficult challenge we have is Unity.

Too many of us stay trapped in our belief systems, justifying our anger by being "good citizens", and endorsing our governments murderous corruption, by living our lives as usual, paying our bills, sending our children to schools, and obeying all the laws we're aware of....millions on the books, many of which we break daily, but as yet, we are not prosecuted, unless we cross the line and become a nuisance to the authorities.

The corporation of the United States is the largest drug and gun running organization on the planet, with pornography coming up a close third, yet still we go to work every day and ignore this, as more drones murder children on our dime and war continues, with the profiteers running the show.

That is the truth. Check it out for yourself, follow the money. 


We are ALL subjects to the "Rule of Law", tied to paperwork, and under "Legal Economic Conquest". Over 6, if not 7 billion of us, caught in a web of unimaginable deceptions, cruelty, pedophilia, rape, torture and murder. These allegations I do not take lightly, nor should you. Look at the capital letters on your driver's license, your social security number, and do some homework.

Instead, it seems we'd rather argue amongst ourselves, then actually STOP TOGETHER, breaking the chain of tyranny one day a month, to step back in Solidarity and Unity, in order to figure out where we are going, and what our future will be if we continue to follow Immoral leaders and Immoral orders.

Well at United We Strike, we think it's better to formulate genuine hard questions for those we suspect, and give them a chance to answer for themselves. We choose to Unite, in spite of, and along with all of our differences, in order to make our own decisions about what we are learning, and who to trust. We do not shy away from the ugliness, rather we use it to fuel our passion and activism in our continuous search for Freedom and Peace.

We've realize we've been lied to our entire lives, and so have our parents, as well as grandparents;  odds being that very few of our ancestor's actually ever knew what true freedom is. It is very obvious as well, that not many of us understand what true freedom is today, because we've been trained to pay for everything and submit to religious or political authorities.

So how do we figure out what the truth is?
Dialogue. We develop the ability to ask  hard questions without compromising our composure or dignity, and without accusations or ultimatums. Instead of talking behind someone's back, we go directly to them for answers. And if it's a public figure, one of those in trenches, right alongside of us, well then we go to a forum where we can clear things up and allow listener's to come to their own conclusions.

That is just one aim of  our United We Strike Marathons.
We don't have to agree on every issue, or any other issue aside from the fact that we face a common enemy aided by our ignorance and refusal to do our own research.

So this marathon, expect some difficult topics and hard questions, not for the sake of crucifying each other, but for the sake of clarity. We are building a forum for Truth, Individual action, Solidarity and Unity, as we take action or inaction every 15th and build toward the goal of Freedom. If YOU have a tough question, join us, and put it in the chat for our guests. We'll ask them.

And now I'm asking You. Please tune in, and spread the word. Our world will not change until WE do. With YOUR help we can fill in the blanks and learn from each other. We are Individuals, Uniting under the umbrella of "United We Strike" for a better future for us all.

List of guests and times on the chat room and listen page.

You are not alone. United We Strike. Tune in, turn on, drop out of mainstream, and fulfill yourself


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